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We're on a mission to create high quality tanning products that not only achieve the best bronze possible, but also act to nourish and care for your skin. We ensure extensive testing and quality control processes when it comes to our sunless tanning products. 

We're passionate about animal rights, and are dedicated to creating products that are proudly 100% Vegan Friendly and Cruelty-Free. For your peace of mind, we have sought to become LEGALLY CERTIFIED with the Cruelty-Free organisation 'Leaping Bunny International' (*application currently pending). 

We are environmentally conscious and choose to utilise eco-friendly packaging and materials where possible. We're mindful of our ecological impact, and are always on the hunt for sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging and/or materials to use throughout the company - both internally and externally. 




You asked for a tanning product that, unlike traditional fake tans, wouldn't cause a thick product build-up or harsh orange tint on your face - we hear you! We created our Self-Tan Drops with the specific purpose of enabling you to FULLY CUSTOMISE YOUR GLOW. It's simple - the more drops you use = the deeper the bronze, just mix the desired amount of drops in with your favourite moisturiser, mix thoroughly and apply - it's that easy!

Unlike other tanners, our Self-Tan Drops aren't greasy or sticky, and you won't see the formula clinging to any dry patches (a common effect of other tan products). Our drops glide on like silk, and are incredibly light and wearable.

Simply put, traditional tanners aren't made for facial use - our Self-Tan Drops are! Whilst our drops are suitable for full body use, they were specially formulated for the face, neck and chest area.

We want to ensure our products bring you the best glow possible - this is achieved by using high quality skin loving ingredients: Raspberry Seed Oil, Vitamin E Extract and Aloe Vera, for example. These key ingredients work together to build an incredible glow, while simultaneously caring for your skin.



While the LUMETAN brand continues to grow, we are on the hunt for potential collaborations, and are eager to forge new partnerships/relationships with those in the media (print, online media etc.) and beauty salons/stockists. 

If you are interested in connecting with the LUMETAN brand, please contact us:

Collaboration / Media Contact here
Beauty Stockist / Wholesale Contact here


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